Tuesday Tales… My first post for Tuesday Tales, a snippet from “The Cowboy Queen”. Heat rating PG

Published March 5, 2012 by patricialogan

Today’s prompt is the word ‘LIFE’

“How can he not be happy, baby? Look at yourself. You’re by far, the most beautiful person on earth.” Ricky offered up a tiny smile, not really sure of himself at all. His boyfriend Michael Francis was a world famous super model. He jet-setted all over the world and had women and men falling at his feet. He could have anyone he wanted so why had he settled on a farm raised Nebraska boy like Ricky LaGrange? It still made no sense to Ricky at all. Ricky’s job at “The Red Room”, one of the hottest gay bars in all of West Hollywood, though prestigious within the gay community, wasn’t anything compared with being flown all over the world and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to strip down to a tiny Speedo and be photographed. Michael’s cell phone never stopped ringing. Everyone wanted a piece of the tall, handsome hunk.

Ricky stared into the mirror, seeing the damage the drama had caused and then tried to ignore it. He applied cold cream to his face and wiped through it with a tissue as Mams struggled to style the young man’s hair.

“There now, look how beautiful you are baby?” The large wigged man stood back, admiring his handiwork with a smile. Ricky’s hair lay flat now, brushed out and hanging over one eye, just the way he liked. “But why would you ask me if Michael would enjoy his present? Of course he will, darlin. What kind of crazy man wouldn’t want to go to a dude ranch and be surrounded by Marlboro men and cowboys for a week? Oh… the smell of leather…” Ricky watched him hum in ecstasy.

“Straight men,” Ricky answered with a quirky smile and tongue in cheek. The tall black man stared down at him, his wrinkles prominent in the aging face. He grinned and Ricky was nearly blinded by the whites of his teeth. A wave of love washed over him. Mams, a nickname for Malcolm, was his very best friend in all the world and it seemed that since Mams lover Scotty had died of complications from AIDS last year, the older man had fully adopted Ricky. It felt good to be loved, if the truth be told. Ricky’s own family had turned their backs on him and thrown him out of the house, when he came out to them, at eighteen. Mams was the only family Ricky had in this life, and that was just fine with him.

“I don’t know Mams. I want so badly for Michael to have a good birthday this year. It’ll be the first birthday of his, which we’ve spent together.” Mams reached out and cupped Ricky’s soft cheek. The contrast between the dark hand and Ricky’s pale skin was stark.

“Honey child, I told you that Rudy and Mark just came back from that dude ranch. They said it was the most liberating experience of their lives.” Ricky couldn’t help but smile at the dreamy quality in Mams eyes. “Why just thinking about all those macho cowboys riding around in assless chaps and cowboy boots and Stetson’s is giving me wood.”


6 comments on “Tuesday Tales… My first post for Tuesday Tales, a snippet from “The Cowboy Queen”. Heat rating PG

  • Love the emotion here and in so few words you have painted a complex portrait of several relationships. I’m already rooting for Ricky to be a hero. Beautifully written, Patti. Looking forward to more.

    • Thank you, Jean. That’s very sweet. Yes, Ricky is one of the MC’s. The other is… well, I’ll let you find out… I don’t have too much time before this one comes out April 3. Thanks for stopping by.

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