An R rated excerpt (Language/Adult/Gay Theme) from “Hot Summer Hogs”. My contribution to the It’s Raining Men Anthology to be released 6/20/12

Published April 2, 2012 by patricialogan

Jake rolled over and spooned in behind his husband, listening to the tempo of Cade’s breathing increase. Married for two years, Jake was just as turned on by Cade today as he was the very first time they’d kissed. He was hotter than hot for the gorgeous six foot four inch Native American with the greenest eyes any man could ever possess. He slid his rock hard cock up and down between the tight butt cheeks of the man in front of him, pulling him closer to his chest.

“Mm, you keep that up, baby and I’m just gonna have to fuck you,” Cade drawled, his Texas accent, noticeably thicker in the early morning, just before dawn. Jake chuckled as he wrapped one hand around Cade’s fat erection, working it to its fully hardened state as he buried his face in his lover’s long hair.

“I was hoping you’d say that, Cade. Roll over and get me ready.” As Cade twisted around, he straddled Jake who lay flat on his back beneath the sexiest man Jake had ever seen. Nipple piercings held barbells and his long thick cock was pierced with a Prince Albert ring, a gift from Cade to Jake, shortly after their marriage. Jake loved the feel of the piercing sliding in and out of his body, and had a hard time quieting the whimpers he made when Cade breached him. Jake lifted his hands to Cade’s chest and tugged on the barbells, reveling in the involuntary moans that escaped Cade’s lips.


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